Latest & Greatest

Latest & Greatest

Three of My Wildest Encounters

When you spend enough time out in the wild, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.


Latest & Greatest | Read time: 01:00

Series Explored: Band of Rebels

Drew continues his award-winning documentation of wild horses in Camargue, France where he photographed and filmed a close-knit group of all-white horses who roam freely over the ethereal landscape.


Latest & Greatest | Read time: 00:44

Short film: Band of Rebels

Deep within the isolated Camargue territory a group of cowboys has organized their lives around these horses, making sure that the animal’s needs are taken care of before the people’s own.


Latest & Greatest | Read time: 01:10

Series Explored: In Transit

This series features intimate moments from the road while traveling to and from the National & State Parks System during Drew’s 14,000 mile journey throughout the American West.


Latest & Greatest | Read time: 02:05

Series Explored: Shadows Alight

Drew discusses the process of capturing the expansiveness and wondrous beauty of our National Parks System, also known as ‘America’s Greatest Idea,’ in his most concept-driven series yet.

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