The Making of Drew’s “Sail: Majesty at Sea” book

The Making of Drew’s “Sail: Majesty at Sea” book

Putting together an oversized, 230-page coffee table book is a group effort. Go behind the scenes as Drew’s book about the art of sailing goes to press.

When I think of my childhood and what brought me joy, I think of being on the water. For me, sailing was a unifying experience: it brought me together with the ocean, but also with people that I loved.


Take an inside look into the making of Drew’s latest coffee table book Sail: Majesty at Sea. With behind the scenes footage taken at Brilliant Graphics’ 60,000 square foot printing facility in Pennsylvania, viewers can watch the book come alive as Drew discusses the motivation and inspiration behind the photographs. The 230-page, 9 by 13-inch hardbound volume was created with painstaking attention to detail, and each of its 131 black and white images are quadtone-printed to give an incredibly wide tonal range. Finished with Smyth Sewn binding and an acetate dust jacket, the book truly stands out as an aesthetically driven and visually satisfying project.

For this collection, I focused on two of the most iconic sailboat classes… Their design is undeniably classic, clean, and elegant. They are the result of careful calculation and engineering—the perfect intersection of form and function.


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