The Story Behind "Flight"

The Story Behind "Flight"

Drew tells the story behind the making of this image from Exceptional Creatures

When you spend time in the Kenyan bush, there’s a lot to see - yet there’s nothing more out of this world than spotting a giraffe’s graceful frame in the distance moving swiftly along the plains in the signature gait of these incredible animals.


On my most recent trip to Kenya, I wanted to capture the elegance of the giraffe’s silhouette while, at the same time, highlighting the details that make them one of the most peculiarly beautiful animals in the world.

I took hundreds of images of giraffes, but this one was the clear winner as the long vertical lines create a stark contrast from the crisp break of the horizon, while the minimal backdrop allows the frenetic rhythm of the giraffe’s movement to shine. I had wanted a shot of them crossing the flats bordering Amboseli, so to achieve this we stationed a local Maasai on a hilltop to alert us as to when he saw them crossing the area I had in mind, then raced to the scene when the call finally came in.

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