Equus: Underwater Rhythm

Created completely underwater, Equus: Underwater Rhythm explores the power of the horse against the backdrop of the prismatic, crystalline world hidden just below the surface of the sea.

In these 13 new works, silhouettes of horses radiate an innate strength of spirit enabled by their graceful, undersea movement. As a signature mark of his practice, Drew uses his background in fashion photography to harness a near infinite number of tones.

These range from those reminiscent of the soft romanticism of charcoal to the crisper, more pronounced contours of black and white, sculpting each image into a brilliant, unique symphony of light and form. Almost celestial in nature, Underwater Rhythm offers a new perspective reframing a classic, enduring subject.


To create the calming, ethereal feeling of these images, I embraced the underwater convergence of the sun and sea. This minimalist environment allows you to completely immerse yourself in the beauty of the horse’s form with no distractions to take away from the subject’s impact.

Drew Doggett


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