Why I Chose Color: Ephemeral Shores

Why I Chose Color: Ephemeral Shores

Drew’s first ever color series explores this otherworldly, ancient land known as the Neskowin Ghost Forest as well as its seemingly infinite coastline.

Drew’s work is recognizable because of its sophistication, in part due to his black and white palette. His latest series, Ephemeral Shores, is the first he’s ever released in color. But why now?


It’s a very conscience decision to use black and white—it eliminates all the distractions from specific attributes of subjects and allows a pure, focused ability to craft the image in a way that color may be a distraction. It wasn’t until seeing the ‘Neskowin Ghost Forest’ along the remote Oregon Coast that I knew there was no other way to conquer the beautiful hues of this region other than do my first color photography series.

The black and white palette allows Drew the tools he needs to bring awareness and distinction to a location, to people, and to identify subjects possibly overlooked. Throughout his career, his aesthetic has always focused on helping his audience to register moments he consciously seeks for their unlocked potential. The ‘Neskowin Ghost Forest’ is disappearing quite rapidly, which you can read more about here on the blog . After traveling to some of the most remote places in the world, it is a distinguishing characteristic of this series that no other location left such an indelible impression – and an urge to use color.

I knew I had to show the identity and character of this location. Not only was it another necessary dimension for this particular series, but important for the diversity and development of my work. I continuously feel the drive to push and expand my palette.


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