The Story Behind “Through the Night”

The Story Behind “Through the Night”

There is something undeniably special about white horses.

Horses of all colors are perpetual symbols of hope, greatness and fortitude, but with white coats they are synonymous with those qualities as well as with intrigue, fantasy and myth. Throughout fairytales and storybooks, a white horse connotes that the rider is a savior or a character of the highest moral disposition – they are symbols of hope and promise.

When I came across the location where I took my image Through the Night , water was just beginning to repopulate this volcanic black sand riverbed after a tough winter. It had a uniquely surreal look to it like nowhere else I’d ever seen and I knew I had to capture it from a bird’s eye perspective to show its expansive beauty. The last, glowing light of the day also brought a magical quality to the water’s surface.

This lone white horse appears naturally luminescent against the backdrop, as if his glow is enhanced by an innate contrast and a guiding, internal light. He fearlessly crosses the river bed as he makes his way to his next destination, appearing to intimately know the land as only it’s tried and true companion can.


Through this series, these horses can be seen as metaphors for their home because they are fitting companions uniquely suited for this land and are as colorful as their native territory is diverse and expansive.

This work is a tribute to them and the incredible, nearly unbelievable natural elements of our planet that I spend my life working to capture and share.

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